Maree is a natural history Illustrator and a field mycologist who lives in Australia.  The inspiration for her art practice comes from the extraordinary shapes and colours of fungi and their relationship with other organisms within the environment.  Her art process begins in the field and continues in the studio/lab and ends in the herbarium.  Maree finds the process of art making more exciting than the finished artwork however the finished artwork is a reminder of the pleasure of the process. 

Maree has completed a B Natural History Illustration (Hons Class 1) from the University of Newcastle NSW.  This degree was unique in Australia and sadly is no longer offered. It offered illustration & science subjects within the degree. In 2010, Maree was awarded a seven week Student’s Volunteer Botanical Internship Program at the Australian National Herbarium Canberra. In 2013, Maree was awarded an Australian Postgraduate scholarship to undertake a Research Higher Degree in Natural History Illustration and her PHD involved "The development of a comprehensive Field and Laboratory-Based guide for Scientific Mycological Illustration".   Maree also completed a BA Library & Information Science with a major in Art History in 2004 at Charles Sturt University Wagga Wagga NSW.


Maree conducts night walks at the Hunter Region Botanic Gardens NSW for members of the community to view the Ghost fungus (Omphalotus nidiformis) which glows in the dark and also curates their Fungi collection.  She has also conducted botanical & fungi illustration workshops, presentations and forays for HRBG, garden clubs & local councils in NSW.

Maree’s paintings can be found in private collections throughout Australia and overseas.

In Publications

  • 2021 Botanical Art Society of Australia newsletter, Issue 80, Autumn 2021 p. 6-8

  • ​2021  Queensland Mycological Society Calendar (fungi photos)

  • 2020 Queensland Mycological Society Calendar (SEM Images of fungi spores August)

  • 2019 Find our fungi! Natural Resources Centre SA Murray Darling Basin (Images p.              16 -33)

  • 2019 Hunter Landcare newsletter Winter 2019 "TIs the time for fungi"

  • 2019 Queensland Mycological Society Calendar (SEM Images of fungi spores May)

  • 2018 Queensland Mycological Society Calendar (SEM Images of fungi spores June)

  • 2016 Roots magazine (Botanic Gardens Conservation International) 13.1 Fungi:                      Promotion of a Natural Asset

  • 2016 Pamphlet for visitors Fungi at Hunter Region Botanic Gardens

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  • 2015 Fungimap Newsletter  September 2015  Fungi and Tourism

  • 2010 Growing Native Plants :Melaleuca gibbosa: Australian National Botanic Gardens, Australian National Herbarium,  Canberra

Awarded Scholarships

  • 2013 Australian Postgraduate Scholarship

  • 2011 Awarded the Faculty Medal University of Newcastle

  • 2011 University of Newcastle Honours Scholarship

  • 2010 A seven week Student’s Volunteer Botanical Internship Program. Australian                  National Herbarium Canberra

  • 2008-2009  Summer Scholarship University of Newcastle: Database & catalogue                 over one thousand artworks bequeathed to the University of Newcastle by                     renowned artist Margaret Senior.


  • 2019 Natural History Illustration Club (UON)- Smiths Lake Camp

  • 2019 Tom Farrell Institute University of Newcastle of Newcastle 

  • 2017 Tom Farrell Institute University of Newcastle 

  • 2016 FUNNZ & AMS Queenstown New Zealand conference 

  • 2015 BGANZ conference Wollongong NSW


  • 2020     ARS Electronica Art Festival.  ARS Electronica voyages.

  • 2016/2017 Newcastle Region Library Lovett Gallery Group exhibition Illuminating                            Science, Artist talk.

  • 2015   Mycele Obsession Singleton Library Gallery (Singleton) Artist talk

  • 2014  From Tears of Fire Group exhibition in collaboration with NSW National Parks             & Wildlife Service and Muswellbrook Art Gallery

  • 2012  Newcastle University Group Exhibition- Honours exhibition 2011   

  • 2011   Hunter Regional Botanic Gardens Fungi Photographic 2012   Exhibition Fungi             & the Volunteer (curator)

  • 2011   Exhibition at the Hunter Wetlands Centre Shortland NSW

  • 2012  An artist’s illustrative appreciation of Fungi  Hunter Region Botanic Gardens                 (Heatherbrae)

  • 2011   From the Field and Beyond  Hunter Region Botanic Gardens  (Heatherbrae)

  • 2011  Water & Weeds Group Exhibition: University Gallery, University of Newcastle -               follow on from New Zealand exhibition

  • 2010 Weeds Drawing Project Group Exhibition Manukau: New Zealand - published               in gallery catalogue

  • 2010  Entomology Competition Darwin – a yearly competition hosted by the                            Australian Entomology Society

  • 2010  Newcastle University Group Exhibition 

  • 2009  Entomology Competition Darwin - a yearly competition hosted by the                            Australian Entomology Society

  • 2009 The Ark of Science Hunter Region Botanic Gardens  

  • 2008  Max Watters Groups Exhibition – celebrate Max’s birthday and art group                      activities

  • 2008  Miniatures Exhibition Muswellbrook Art Gallery NSW

Awarded Prizes

  • 2004  Finalist TAFE NSW Art & Design Prize – Travelling Exhibition NSW.

  • 2004  T.A Cook Award: Muswellbrook Local Art Prize. (Acrylic Landscape). 

  • 2002  Semi Finalist TAFE NSW Art & Design Prize – Travelling Exhibition